So happy to see you here!  Unfortunately my site has been down for a bit due to a server failure that wiped out my old Gold Country Realty site.  As is often the case, such an inconvenience has turned into a positive, as I’ve completely revamped my site.  In joining the modern age of websites I am learning the new, dynamic, and fun world of the WordPress website!

When I unveiled my first website up in the early 2000’s I was ahead of the curve compared to the Realtors around me.  I built it myself using Microsoft Frontpage and was able to provide a lot of useful and unique content that I could easily customize. It served me for a long time.  Now, a week into using this new “dynamic” system, I’m blown away by the creativity and flexibility but of course, a little daunted by the learning curve.  With the help of a great developer and teacher, Ryan Miller of Conscious Design Solutions, I’m confident that I’ll be able to make this website, as was my old one, cutting edge. I really enjoy this flexible and stimulating means of communicating with people that are interested in Boulder County, a place that I love so much.

Please revisit often.  I will be updating and playing with this website in an effort to make it something really useful and enjoyable.

Thank you,  David

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