A walk through the flood

I spent a couple hours walking up Jim Creek the other day.  Ironically, this is one of the most pleasant and beautiful places I spend my time these days. It’s ironic due to the recent violence that shaped this place where now an emerging and spectacular trail winds its way among the carnage. Historically, this […]

My kind of customer service!

Huge storm this spring weekend.  What does one do with that?  Ski, of course!  And this afternoon I had the great pleasure of escorting Gold Country Realty client, Jill B. to her snowed in home above Jamestown.  It seems that she’s been unable to get home since Friday, 4 days ago, when she went off […]

Thanks for visiting!

David Mans Graduation Realty Boulder

So happy to see you here!  Unfortunately my site has been down for a bit due to a server failure that wiped out my old Gold Country Realty site.  As is often the case, such an inconvenience has turned into a positive, as I’ve completely revamped my site.  In joining the modern age of websites […]