Huge storm this spring weekend.  What does one do with that?  Ski, of course!  And this afternoon I had the great pleasure of escorting Gold Country Realty client, Jill B. to her snowed in home above Jamestown.  It seems that she’s been unable to get home since Friday, 4 days ago, when she went off to house sit at a friend’s.  As her rabbit was in need of some care and the house was cold, we met at the end of her “driveway” a mile away and faced what would have been a daunting mile of 2ft+ of snow, had she been hiking.




We needed to get here, just about a mile.

With the dog in tow and Jill borrowing some skis (the much preferred mode of transportation in such conditions) we set off.  It was beautiful, a truly unique and fine way to arrive at one’s home.  Jill was a little less thrilled with the procedure at the start, but from the smile on her face I think she really enjoyed the afternoon.  It was a bit of a challenge for Jesse, the snow was dog-deep!


We arrived at Jill’s place, a beautiful log home that she bought 2 years ago.  It’s off the grid and not for the person that needs a 7-Eleven within 5 minutes drive.  While this snowstorm was a bit extreme, I so appreciate a client and friend that finds themselves in a situation like this, skiing home, uncertain when she’ll be plowed out, with what provisions she may need in her back pack!  Yeah Jill!


We found the house warm and the bunny, Bernie Sanders, cozy and well cared for by a neighbor.  After a cup of hot chocolate I headed back to the road, with a tired dog and a beautiful sunset sky.  This was exactly how I should spend every afternoon!  Well, maybe not with this much snow too often in April.


And just in case, I left the skis for Jill, she may have to get to a store eventually.

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